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The dating game is tricky, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, loads of new couples will be embarking on that all important first date. But what things should you do on the night – and what shouldn’t you do – to make sure you secure a follow-up date? Sue Ostler from the Flirt Diva Academy has some advice for those taking the leap with a new partner.

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With over thirty authors in our stable we have a real mix of the academic, the businessperson, the philanthropist and the storyteller. In a decade that will be dominated by online (only one large physical bookstore chain left now in the UK following the demise of Borders) there has never been a greater opportunity for the author to use their book as a marketing tool - for their own name as brand or their company brand. There is much talk about 'the author being the brand' and there is a lot of truth in that though there is plenty of...

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Alistair Duncan's new book 'The Norwood Author - Arthur Conan Doyle and the Norwood Years (1891 - 1894)' has received its first major review - 4 stars and a glowing report from The Bookbag. The book covers a critical stage in Conan Doyle's life - and one that has been rarely covered by other historians. "This book does an excellent job in detailing his activities as a resident of Norwood. There is a comprehensive choice of illustrations, both old and new, and appendices on relevant articles about him in the 'Norwood News' as well as his cricket performances. Also included...

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Bedwetting is a distressing problem for many children, making them anxious about normal activities like sleepovers and school trips. The British Medical Journal says that while most children are dry by age 7, about 5% of ten year olds, and 3% of fifteen-year-olds still have trouble controlling their bladders at night. Alicia Eaton has combined NLP (Neuro Linguisitc Programming) with hypnotherapy to create a cure for bedwetting that is having a more than 95% success rate. Alicia was interviewed recently on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour as part of their parenting series BBC Radio 4 Recording Alicia's book 'Stop Bedwetting...

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When the latest UK survey on British attitudes to sex it was no surprise that they asked Sue to comment.

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Giving would be book publishers a mentoring consultancy has proved to be a fantastic process for us - a great review of how far our business has come in the last three years.

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